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Gelati Tellhof combines handmade, italian ice cream with a Mediterranean coffee bar in Zurich’s liveliest district. Enjoy one (or many) of your 30 flavours at our café, in our outdoor courtyard or to go.

All our ice cream and sorbets come from a family run factory outside of Zurich.

Gelati Tellhof in style magazin (SI) (german only)
Gelati Tellhof in ZÜRITIPP 2017 (german only)

They are made with milk from a nearby farm and nothing but fresh ingredients by Paolo Palumbo and his son Fabio.

Kids love ice cream and we love both. We have a kids’ corner and a few specials for our youngest costumers.

Gelaterie im Test ZÜRITIPP (german only)
Gelateria Tellhof in a RightToPlay-Video


Gelati Tellhof
Tellstrasse 20
8004 Zürich

We are a 5 minutes walk from the Main Station (Zurich HB).
The closest bus stops are Kanonengasse (Bus 31) and Militär-/Langstrasse (Bus 32).

Since 1998 you can find Gelati Am See in District 8, at the port of Riesbach, directly at the beautiful lake of Zürich.

Opening hours


Monday – Wednesday:

0.30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Thursday – Saturday:

0.30 p.m. to 9 p.m.


2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Our flavours

Sorbet (Vegan)

Melon – Gelati Tellhof
Lemon – Gelati Tellhof
Mango – Gelati Tellhof
Rasberry – Gelati Tellhof
Passionfruit – Gelati Tellhof
Strawberry – Gelati Tellhof
Dark Chocolate – Gelati Tellhof
Banana – Gelati Tellhof
Blood Orange – Gelati Tellhof


Vanilla – Gelati Tellhof
Tiramisu – Gelati Tellhof
Chocolate Chips – Gelati Tellhof
Pistachio – Gelati Tellhof
Ovaltine – Gelati Tellhof
Hazelnut – Gelati Tellhof
Rum and Raisins – Gelati Tellhof
Milk – Gelati Tellhof
Mint Chocolate – Gelati Tellhof
Coconut – Gelati Tellhof
Chocolate – Gelati Tellhof
Cinnamon – Gelati Tellhof
Caramel – Gelati am See
Coffee – Gelati Tellhof
Cookies – Gelati Tellhof
Cherry – Gelati Tellhof


Blackberry Yoghurt – Gelati Tellhof
Yoghurt Nature – Gelati Tellhof

Sundaes and beverages

We have up to 30 different flavours of ice cream, sorbet and yogurt. Some are seasonal, so try them before we change it up!

Found a flavour you love? Choose between a cone or a cup. One scoop is 3 francs, so make it two or three! If you like to take some home we have special boxes for that.

Have time to stay? How about an espresso or a cup of tea with your gelato?

All our beverages come from local producers, our organic coffee is roasted in Zurich.

If you love combining ice cream and coffee: ask for an italian-style Affogato or our Tellhof Special.

Ice cream maker

A Gelateria is only as good as its gelato. Luckily we know the best ice cream makers and they are not far Zurich. Paolo und his son Fabio have been making delicious ice cream and sorbets under their label Amore mio since 1996.

Their recipe is no secret: Organic milk from a farm nearby, fresh ingredients, a feeling for the right amount of sugar and molto amore! They deliver us their products several times a week.

In «beyond» 26/2018 – Kleine, feine Sünden

Online in style magazin (SI)

Kids and families

Gelati Tellhof – Zebra
Gelati Tellhof – Lion
Gelati Tellhof – Horse
Gelati Tellhof – Giraffe
Gelati Tellhof – Elephant
Gelati Tellhof – Bear

Our smallest customers give us the biggest smiles. At Gelati Tellhof we make sure kids and young families feel just as welcome as all our other guests.

And we know kids like to play. So we created a few specials for them with that in mind.

Contact us!

Gelati Tellhof
Tellstr. 20, Zürich
+41 79 440 22 12



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